Can you believe I survived this??

Do you realize that every single person viewing this has experienced some degree of hardship and chaos in their lives? That they’ve hit some level of rock bottom and that they are Admitting their Powerlessness? – How do we do it?  How do we have the courage to go on when life is so bleak? I Read more about Can you believe I survived this??[…]

If I think it…it must to true!

Have you ever been in a social setting…like around friends or at the office…and you saw two people looking at you then talking to each other?  Without a doubt in your mind, you conclude that they are talking about you!  And for sure, they are sharing gossip and putting you down, perhaps they know about Read more about If I think it…it must to true![…]

Am I an “iPhone-aholic”?

Have you taken your loved one out on a date by going to a restaurant?  You fully intend to be totally present with each other and enjoy an intimate night together savoring the food and the deep conversations. All is going quite well.  The ambience of the restaurant is very nice.  The service is good. Read more about Am I an “iPhone-aholic”?[…]

How to Get Rid of Anger?

Shalom my friends, Have you ever been having one of those pleasant days, you’re driving down the street, where there’s not a cloud in the sky, the birds are chirping, you feel great and you’re counting all your blessings.  Then out of nowhere some car whizzes thru the yield sign, makes you slam on your Read more about How to Get Rid of Anger?[…]