Feeling Cut off from the Light?!

It was like yesterday – that’s how vivid the memory is for me – even though it was 22 years ago. Those “uncontrollable choices” I kept making – the incessant insatiable hunger for more; whether it was attention or money or pleasure! And all I knew was that the harder I tried, the further away I felt from the desired results.

sun thru the trees image

I felt like I had entered a tunnel and I kept running further inside thinking I was going to see the light, when I really should have turned back and run back out.

Had I only been hurting myself, then maybe I could have withstood the pain. But what was really unbearable was how that I was hurting my wife and my children. And so many others around me. I just wanted to be closer, but I kept getting further and further away!

Fortunately, the threat of losing everything I had finally forced me to seek help. And here I am today writing you. To let you know, there is HOPE!

Let’s talk…I’ll tell you more.

Looking Forward
Duvid Chaim