September 13, 2016

About Duvid Chaim

Duvid Chaim


1. My Story

I truly believe that everyone is “on a Journey” – that we’re not a mistake and our lives are not accidents. So there’s got to be a meaningful reason why we were brought here.

I’m here to help you explore YOUR STORY and find meaning and purpose to it; especially those parts that really upset you or that fill you full of shame and guilt.

Likewise I also have a Story – and even though it seems like a pretty normal and ideal story, there were plenty of parts that were very confusing for me, that caused me a lot of pain – which I’ve learned – caused me to “act out.”  In all sorts of destructive ways – destructive to others and especially destructive to myself.  Kind of like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, there were two parts of me – one part that I would let everyone else see and the other part of me I had to keep hidden – in the dark.  I can share more details with you when we talk.


2. What I Learned

It’s what I learned from my Story that matters most. 
It’s that part of my Story that created a “train wreck” in my marriage that forced me to seek help from others; especially in the 12 Step Recovery Program and thru therapy.

That’s where I learned about my “self” and how much of my self I felt I needed to impose upon others and  how the people, places, things or situations around me just couldn’t measure up to my standards.  That’s when I would feel that “urge” to ESCAPE – to artificially feel like I was “back in control.”

3. Today

Today, thanks to the Work I’ve done on myself and my marriage with my wife, Miriam, I am – everyday – celebrating life – even when things don’t go my way.  Because, like I shared before, I am here for a reason – just like you.  And I am working on how 2b free, 2b whole and 2b connected.
Why don’t you join me on my Journey 2b1?

4. Training in Addiction and Escapaholism

My Treatment methods address the Root Cause of Addictions and why we waste so much valuable time on our “smart” phones, reading news, shopping, etc.  I’ve coined a phrase for this unhealthy distracting and disconnecting behavior; which I call “Escapaholism.”

Based on nearly two decades in the 12 Step Recovery Program, plus training thru:

  • Dr David Schnarch
  • Byron Katie
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Jewish Marriage Encounter
  • Mussar Sefarim

I compare myself to an Optometrist – offering my Clients a new lens to look at life. Having Moderated and facilitated the popular “Guard Your Eyes” Conference Calls, with over 1,000 Men and Women, my Coaching Methods are targeted to your personal goals and struggles.

5. Clinical Experience with Orthodox Community

My experience with Orthodox Men and Women, is extensive – Coaching over 250 men and women over the past 5 years.

Association with organizations

  • Guard Your Eyes

6. Intervention Model

Most Clients view Lust/Food/Devices (their Escapes) as “The Problem.” Lust, like all addictions are actually “The Solution” to one’s Problems! A counterfeit solution indeed!  Accordingly, I practice a therapeutic model that recognizes that the Real FILTER for Lust is not the one we put on our Computers, but in fact, comes from the Filter we put on our Hearts and our Minds.

My Clients are guided thru a series of customized treatment modalities like the 12 Step Program of Recovery, Duvid Chaim’s own BFATB Iceberg Model, plus the latest Tools in the Art and Science of Change – and thru a process of rigorous and honest introspection, we develop new and transformative personality changes – which leads one to move out of isolation and into the Light of Connection – connection with Self, with others and with God.

When clients are married, my wife Miriam and I bring a balanced and all inclusive dimension to Recovery within the Home.

Client types

  • Men
  • Couples
  • Families

Medium/s of interaction with clients

  • Face to Face
  • Phone
  • Webcam
  • Live Group Therapy
  • Phone Group Therapy

Fee per session


Medicare / Other insurances


Accepting new clients?

Limited space available

Numerous referrals available