September 17, 2016

2b1 . . . or not 2b1?? That is the Question!

You have lots of choices – in your Growth and Recovery Processes.

Everyday, maybe every hour, there’s another new website or new age philosophy competing for your attention; promoting that they’ve got “the secret” for a better way of living!

And that’s great – it proves to us that people are looking for change and hopefully our world will be a much better place in which to live and relate to all those around us.

So what makes The 2b1 Institute so special and unique?  And why should you spend time on this website to benefit from its value?

As you can read on this website in the “About Duvid Chaim and Miriam” sections, you’ll learn about the “train wreck” in our marriage 22 years ago.  And how our exploration thru therapy, workshops, the 12 Steps and more led us to realize that the BIGGEST ISSUE that caused the most damage to us and others was how we had a SPLIT PERSONALITY!

That understanding on the one hand that I wanted to live a “normal, upright, healthy, balanced and connected life.”  But on the other hand, that DARK side of me – that could never get quite satisfied or at peace.  That always felt there was something that others had that I was lacking.  That annoying voice inside my head that told me that life was unfair and people were mistreating me.

And the only way out of this hot mess of a life was to run away and “escape!”

So, for many years, that’s what I did.  I became an “escapaholic.”  But to my disappointment, the further I escaped thru unhealthy DISRUPTIVE behaviors that were addictive or isolating like work or shopping or my computer/iPhone; instead of taking the pain away, it made it worse!

Fortunately, my wife and I have found our way back into the Light and We have learned how “2b1” once again – and so can you!

At The 2b1 Institute, we offer you the following Three Major Life Restoring Solutions:

  • Offering the Best Tools from the 12 Step Program of Recovery
  • Offering the Latest Tools in the Art and Science of Change
  • Offering our own Fresh and Novel Professional Life and Business Coaching Insights.
  • PLUS there’s one more vital difference at The 2b1 Institute – unlike almost all other Coaching/Recovery Programs who have only one strong leader – The 2b1 Institute brings you sensitive, fair and balanced insights from BOTH Duvid Chaim and Miriam – who can support not only your individual goals; but also your Recovering Couples Goals!

And we promise you results!  The kind of results that will help you restore your mental and spiritual balance in life once again.  Where you and your partner and relationships can come alive again…where you bask in the light of others and your Higher Power…and you can finally live the life you deserve…2b1.