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How can 2b1 help me get MORE out of life?
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2b Free

Imagine being free of your constant struggles and urge to escape, free to focus beyond yourself, towards your family and your ultimate fulfillment in life.

Freedom comes from exploring and understanding what drives our frustrations, resentments, fears and more…and how to develop healthier and more positive feelings.

Bringing you 22 years of experience with the 12 Step Program and training in the Art and Science of Change, Duvid Chaim is here to share his powerful message – in his unique way – that you CAN be free, and you can be free today!

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2b Whole

Living a double life is draining and saps your life of so much joy and connection.

Wholeness is living a life of completeness, integrity, productivity and honesty.

At 2b1 Institute, Duvid Chaim shows us, with practical and actionable excercises, a path back to Wholeness.

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2b Connected

Once we learn how 2b Free and how 2b Whole we are ready to find the Ultimate Fulfillment thru Connection to ourselves, to others, and to God!

Thru our journey, we will join a community of others sharing our struggles and our dreams.

Some can help us.
And some need our help.

Nobody will judge us because we’ve all been there. It is at this stage that together we can find our Ultimate Power and our True Self.



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My goal is to provide everyone with the tools they need to break out of their personal prisons and live happy and joyous lives. To that end most of the content on this site is available at no charge.

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Join the discussion on the forum and let's step forward to a better life together.

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