REMINDER – Miriam’s SUNDAY Conference Call – We’ll learn about the “Good Side” of Selfishness

Today, we will be discussing: Selfishness, sometimes it has its benefits!


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We will learn about:

SELFISHNESS – This word probably evokes in you the image of what you do not want to be: not caring, inconsiderate, self-absorbed, etc. One might say that for some people this is the meaning of the word selfishness. But for you to be selfish is a vital exercise to stop being a martyr.

So, what is the meaning of selfishness about you? You put your well-being, your recovery, your plans and your activities first in front of the needs of others, not behind them. Even if you are a mother to small children, you must include in your life some activities that are all pure self-cultivation.   JOIN THE CONFERENCE CALL TO LEARN MORE!