Are you FEELING DEPLETED? Rundown??

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Had enough??  Wondering how you’re going to make it thru the day?  I used to have so much energy and joy…what happened??


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Often we go through life rundown, but the body’s natural state is one of energy, clarity, and balance.  There are times in our lives when it seems our bodies are running on empty. We are not sick, nor are we necessarily pushing ourselves to the limit–rather, the energy we typical enjoy has mysteriously dissipated, leaving only fatigue.

Many people grow accustomed to feeling this way because they do not know that it is possible to exist in any other state. The body’s natural state, however, is one of energy, clarity, and balance. Cultivating these virtues in our own bodies so that we can combat feelings of depletion is a matter of developing a refined awareness of the self and then making changes based on our observations.