How to Get Rid of Anger?

Shalom my friends,

Have you ever been having one of those pleasant days, you’re driving down the street, where there’s not a cloud in the sky, the birds are chirping, you feel great and you’re counting all your blessings.  Then out of nowhere some car whizzes thru the yield sign, makes you slam on your brakes and doesn’t even turn to see if you’re alright or in the front yard of someone’s home.

As they pass, you, the only thought you have is to shoot the bird at them or speed up, catch them and ram the side of their car.

Of course, you know how effective that is, and even more how you just feel full of ANGER…

There is another way of reacting, that with awareness and practice you give life a life of serenity.

Perhaps you would like to learn 2b1.

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