Am I an “iPhone-aholic”?

Have you taken your loved one out on a date by going to a restaurant?  You fully intend to be totally present with each other and enjoy an intimate night together savoring the food and the deep conversations.

All is going quite well.  The ambience of the restaurant is very nice.  The service is good.

And then you feel that famous vibration or hear that familiar ring tone coming from your iPhone.  Your spouse is staring at you now just waiting to see what you’re going to do.  And you don’t know either.  But you’ve only got about 3 seconds left to decide before you “lose” the call.

It doesn’t end there either.  Throughout the date, there’s that repeated vibration or beep notifying you that “you’ve got mail” or there’s some new Text, What’sApp, Facebook or Twitter post.  And it doesn’t stop.  It doesn’t leave you alone.  You might even decide to excuse yourself to go to the restroom.  Or you’re grateful that you’re spouse had to get up to go wash hands.  All just to get those precious few moments that you can finally check your iPhone!!  Oh wow, what a relief.  Like inhaling after holding your breath for so long.  You can finally get caught up again!

Unfortunately, your spouse returned when you didn’t notice.  And now, they are fuming at you because you have put them in second place position behind – get what – that glass brick you treasure so much and we all call the “SMART-PHONE.”

And there it goes right out the window – the intimacy you wanted so badly when you started the date.  All because of one of the most common addictions of all – to our iPhone and Android.

That’s why I have to take Step One and Admit, I am Powerless over my iPhone!  I’m an iPhone-aholic!!

Fortunately, there is hope and there is relief.  And we can restore our relationships with those closest to us.  So please feel free to Join Us on our Journey 2b1.

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