If I think it…it must to true!

Have you ever been in a social setting…like around friends or at the office…and you saw two people looking at you then talking to each other?  Without a doubt in your mind, you conclude that they are talking about you!  And for sure, they are sharing gossip and putting you down, perhaps they know about the fight you had with your spouse or heard about how your boss refused to give you that raise.  Your mind is set and you believe 100% that they don’t respect you anymore

And that gives you ample reason to feel lots of resentment or fear.  Yep, you got the entire “Story” all figured out in your head.  What they said, who they shared it with.  And what everyone is saying about you.  So, now it’s your turn to get back at them.  Time to spread some gossip and get even with these two disloyal so called friends!

This is just one of about a dozen or so examples of what we do each and every day.  How we can take some simple or random thought and turn it into a firm and hard belief.  So firm, that you could swear by it.  And worst of all, this belief will drive your emotions and actions – for as long as you hold on to the underlying belief – even if it means for the rest of our life!!

Perhaps it time to wake up and become aware of how potentially toxic some of our beliefs are – when if fact they are just based on unexamined thoughts.

Then perhaps it’s time for you to join our Journey as we learn 2b free, 2b whole and 2b connected…

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  • Thanks for your comment. I want to share a mantra I use is these circumstances: “Think before you think!”

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