Can you believe I survived this??

Do you realize that every single person viewing this has experienced some degree of hardship and chaos in their lives?

That they’ve hit some level of rock bottom and that they are Admitting their Powerlessness? –

How do we do it?  How do we have the courage to go on when life is so bleak?

I believe the answer my friends is that we all have to remember to NEVER EVER LOSE HOPE!

As long as there’s a beat in our heart and we can put a thought together, their is hope!

As long as we can walk or we can talk or eat or make friends, there is hope!

Unfortunately, we also live in a world where their is so much negative news and people around us putting us down.  Maybe our self-esteem really suffered when we grew up, never being able to “measure up” to the expectations of those around us… and certainly not of ourselves.

But in spite of all that, we can endure and we can thrive and we can pursue our dreams.

You know why?  Because, we can have hope!

Please view this short Video to learn more about this topic – based on the most current Art and Science of Change!

PS…I also have hope that you will tolerate the quality of this video and focus on the message 🙂

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