Parasha Eikev – Can you remember what you forgot?!

Parasha Eikev – Can you remember what you Forgot??

“And your heart will become Haughty”

ורם לבבך

We are are continuing our weekly Series:

Today, we are learning, how Parasha Eikev speaks to those who seek Recovery

Am I doomed to Success?

In this Parasha, Moshe continues to tell Klal Yisroel – as they were now poised to enter The Land about the history of their travails thru the desert.  He shared about G-d’s love for us and the many blessings we received.  And he reassured us that G-d will be with us and help us defeat our enemies as we enter the Land.  In Chapter 7 verse 24, we learn that “HE will deliver their kings into your hands…and no man will stand up against you!”

In Chapter 8 verses 7 thru 10 Moshe tells us that Hashem is bringing you to a good Land..with streams of water..of wheat, barley, grape, fig and pomegranate…where you eat bread without poverty – you will lack nothing there!  You will eat and you will be satisfied.”

Hey count me in!  Sounds great.  Right?  Not so easy…

In verses 11 to 18, Moshe warns us as follows:

“Take care lest you FORGET Hashem…

and your Heart will become Haughty

and you will forget Hashem”

“ורם לבבך”

Let’s consider how this Message speaks to us...

For those of us who are familiar with the “AA 12 Step Big Book” we know that we learn a very strong pattern of Cause & Effect.  No matter what page you are on, Bill Wilson teaches us that the behavior of an addict can always be traced back to The Initial Cause.

We join the 12 Step Program – we think – because we have a very destructive behavior (we call it acting out) that we want to stop.  And even though we have tried repeatedly to stop lusting, boozing, overeating, smoking, etc. we just can’t stop.  And it doesn’t matter how good our life is – we could have a great job, an attractive and adoring wife, good health, popularity and more.  But thanks to our dis-ease, we tear it all apart!  We wonder why and then we think the cause is that everyone around us is stupid, mean, selfish and out to get us.  We think the cause is that jerk and what they do to us.  Once we do our work in the Program, we learn the cause is really that our lives have become unmanageable and that causes us to Act Out! (please see Step One).

But we’re really not done yet.  We haven’t yet discovered The Initial Cause.  And that’s where Parasha Eikev really speaks to us.  On page 14 of the Big Book, we learn the FUNDAMENTAL INITIAL CAUSE when Bill teaches us that our Program is:

Simple, but not easy; a price had to be paid. It meant destruction of SELF-CENTEREDNESS!

As we learn in Parasha Eikev, our real success, whether we’re on our Road to the Promised Land or on our Road to Recovery is:

Destruction of our HAUGHTY HEART!!

Finally, let’s reveal the Solution that Parasha Eikev and the Big Book give us how to destroy our Haughty Heart; as Bill says:

“I must turn in all thing to the Father of Light who presides over us all!”

If you’re like most of us, and having some difficulty maintaining your sobriety and recovery – let me share a little gift with you, based on my own personal GUIDE to help me fulfill the Twelve Steps.  I share this with all of the men and women I work with.  It is called the:

“Where are you on the Consciousness Scale Exercise” and I promise it is the Solution to our Haughty Heart and bring you sobriety, serenity and forever change your life:

Here’s how this Sobriety/Recovery Tool works.  Throughout your day/night, occasionally take a moment to think about where you are on the Consciousness Scale.  If I’m finding myself being Critical, Selfish, focusing only on what I can get out of any situation – then I’m hanging out in “Self-Consciousness” on the Scale.  And it is inevitable that people and situations probably won’t do what I WANT – and I’ll end up in Resentments or Fears – which for addicts means that we will most likely “Act Out!”

If I find myself being Kind, Generous and thinking about how I Can Help Others – then I’m in a much better place of “Other-Consciousness” on the Scale.  Which means that I’ll be much more Accepting of people and situations – and I’ll be much less likely to fall into resentments and fears – I will remain in Serenity and Sober.

Even better, if I can deliberately strive to have Emunah & Bitachon, be Humble and regularly ask “What does G-d want from me now?” I am living the ultimate Life of Recovery – Free and Liberated from the struggles and disappointments in life.  I am in a state of “God-Consciousness!”  With a bit of practice and time and regularly checking in with Where are you on the Consciousness Scale, then you will see your sobriety and recovery soar!!

I suggest you print and cut out this Consciousness Scale and keep it in your wallet or at your desk as a frequent reminder how to STAY OUT OF SELF!

Shabbat Shalom!

(ps. if you have a personal story or chiddush, you would like to share, I am looking for “guest” contributors to post.)

3 thoughts on “Parasha Eikev – Can you remember what you forgot?!

  • Great Parasha, Duvid.
    What can I do if I’m constantly taking my own inventory on the scale and finding myself wanting.
    I probably check the scale once about every 15 minutes, and I’m never as generous are thoughtful or in control of my impulses as I want to be. I know this sounds self-centered, and it does keep me away from people because I’m very self-critical.
    Is your answer that I’m playing God on myself and being so arrogant that I think I can judge myself this harshly?
    Do you know that the more compassion I feel to myself, the more kind I feel toward other people. And I know that when I give service to other people, it takes my mind off my self. So yes I know I need to do service.
    But I still need some help disarming that self critical voice, the monkey chatter in my head.

    • This is a great observation Anonymous.

      It’s very common for us to be critical of our self. It’s perfectly normal for an addict since they are already so critical of others.

      Please remember the goal of any Behavioral Modification Program is make deliberate and frequent changes in the way we think and how we look at the World around us. The “Consciousness Scale” Tool is superb at helping us become more “AWARE” so we can make these changes.

      Regarding your concern about beating yourself up, please read the 11th Step Nightime Prayer in the Big Book on page 86. After a list of 7 very critical questions we ask of ourselves, Bill Wilson knows how prone we are to harshly judging ourselves, writes: “But we must be careful not to drift into worry, remorse or morbid reflection, for that would diminish our usefulness to others!”

  • Duvid Chaim,

    Thank you so much for this tool! I printed it off for my office, my wallet and I took a picture of it and have it as my home screen and lock screen on my phone. I do well with visual tools and this is awesome! Thank you!

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