Parasha Shoftim – I’m so small…do I really matter?!

Parasha Shoftim – I’m so small…do I really matter?! “Hear O Israel – you are coming near to the battle against your enemies; let your heart not be FAINT; do not PANIC and do not be BROKE before them!” אל ירך לבבכם אל תיראו ואל תחפזו ואל תערצו מפניהם We are are continuing our weekly[…]

Parasha Devarim – Are you STANDING AT THE CROSSROADS?!

Parasha Devarim – Are you… We are are continuing our weekly Series: Today, we are learning, how Parasha Devarim speaks to those who seek Recovery. Is there any REST in this Journey called Life? Parasha Devarim is the last book of our Torah.  And is referred to as “Mishneh Torah” which is translated as “repetition of[…]

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT – Weekly Shabbos Parasha Message – This week: Beha’aloscha – What’s your favorite Whine??

Parasha Beha’aloscha: The Complainers! We are are beginning a new weekly Series – “How this Parsha addresses the Struggler” Have you ever felt like life wasn’t treating you like you deserved?  Maybe it was spouse or your boss or your so called friends – Once again LIFE has let you down and you were full[…]