Join Miriam – Our Special Guest Speaker on the PA Virtual Meeting – Tuesday April 2nd at NOON EDT

I’ve got a Porn Addiction – When do I tell my Spouse??

You don’t want to miss this Important Meeting in the PA Virtual Meeting Room – with our Special Guest Speaker Miriam!

  • How do I tell me wife/husband, should I?  

  • I’m going to PA meetings, should my spouse go to PA-Anon meetings?  

  • My wife/husband says it’s all my fault – True or False?  

  • And more…

We’ll be addressing these Coupleship enhancing topics in…

THE PA Virtual Meeting

Join the Tuesday April 2nd Virtual Meeting – Noon EDT

This is a must attend meeting for both the addict and his/her Spouse – to learn proven methods to elevate your Marriage to THE NEXT LEVEL!!

Men and Women Registrants:

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