Special Free Webinar by Miriam-How Sweet is Revenge?

Hi Ladies

I would like to invite you to join this Webinar that I have prepared focusing on the most profound issues as Wives of Addicts:
* Why am I still resentful?
* Why am I so full of fears?
* Why am I so determined to be in control?

We must ask ourselves, What is blocking me, now?!

If you are truly interested in tackling these questions, here is a chance for you to join a Webinar to be Coached to get a deeper understanding of these issues – and what I can do for my ultimate Relief and Recovery.

Join us this coming Sunday November 13th at 2:00 pm EST – 10 am PST for One Hour.

Their is NO COST for this Webinar.

This important Webinar will take place on Google Hangouts. Please email me for instructions and more details.

Join Now by replying to this email. Or call me at (214) 446-1828 or (054) 646-3718

I am looking forward to seeing you,

US cell (214) 446-1828
Israel cell (054) 646-3718
Life Coach & Strategist
2b1 Institute
**Guiding those who want
2b free
2b whole
2b connected…


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