I’m stuck – and I feel trapped. Is it possible to CHANGE?!

I know how you feel.

Like being trapped in a spider’s web (maybe that’s why they call it “The Web!”

Man Stuck in a Web

Do you feel TRAPPED? Are you looking for CHANGE? Click on this picture to learn about THE PRICE OF CHANGE.

Realizing that sooner or later you’re going to be stung by your addiction, it just can’t go on like this any longer. I hate myself…I hate my life…and I don’t see any way out!

So, you’re asking…How do I get out of this web? How do I change…my habits, the way I feel and how I think?!

The good news for all of us is that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE! That’s what the 12 Step Program has proven to millions of men and women just like us. If you’re not participating in one of the many different Programs, then join. There’s groups for Alcoholics – AA, Sexaholics – SA, CoDependents – CODA and the “Anon” groups for spouses of all of the above. (Of course, I highly recommend Guard Your Eyes for those caught up in this disease and their spouses!!)

As you will learn in the 12 Step Program, as it says in Step One – “We admitted that we were powerless over xyz – and that *our lives had become unmanageable.”*

If you take a really close look at this step and you understand the logic behind CAUSE & EFFECT – then you will realize that our ACTING OUT is the Effect and the Cause is our UNMANAGEABLE LIFE.

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