How to feel important and regain your Self Respect?!

 You are Special    

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You’ve heard my Story and what kind of HELL my husband and I experienced and its impact on the lives of those we love and care about around us!

And we are determined to not let our experiences go to waste!

Once I finally learned and accepted that I had/have a Part in this relationship, I learned that I have to “keep my side of the street clean.” I learned that it was really up to me to feel important once again and to regain my Self Respect. This does not mean that I ignore or disrespect my husband – rather that I need to find the tools to respect myself. And guess what? Once I started to respect myself and my marriage, my husband started to respect me…and our relationship grew and blossomed.

We have complete Emunah and belief that Hashem put us thru that awful episode in our life so we can help others … So we can bring meaning and purpose and freedom into your life and others. Because we are living testimony and proof … and we truly believe that you too can break out of the reckless and unmanageable life that you are suffering from today.

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