A New Series.”Our lives had become unmanageable.” Why? What’s my part? And what can I do about it?!

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->How do I get out of this mess?<-

Let’s just face it. Life ain’t no breeze! There are ups and eventually the DOWNS. Why is my life always so out of control? Will I just have to accept it and live the rest of my life with all this uncertainty and disappointments?

Before we answer, why is my life so unmanageable – let’s first understand if it really matters and what are the consequences? Perhaps there are some of you reading this post and are just fine with a messy life. But for the vast majority of us, when we feel our life is out of control – it drives us crazy! And we end up doing crazy things, always reacting, feeling angry or full of fear. We make poor decisions and we run away to ESCAPE from this messy and unbearable life.

We may perform poorly in our jobs, lack focus, lose interest in achieving our potential or our dreams in life..and it seems we can never catch up.

We let people down especially those who are closest to us. We are unavailable, inattentive to their needs and go into our shell. And we choose to stay in our ISOLATION!

Sometimes the unmanageability leaves us feeling so much pain that we choose very unhealthy and addictive behaviors. We overeat, we smoke, we overspend, we spend endless hours on our iPhone or computers sucked into Facebook, or even inappropriate websites that leave us feeling so much guilt and shame!

The bottom line is that the unmanageability of life can have serious consequences. There is a CAUSE and there is an EFFECT! Unmanageability is the cause. And the effect are the negative behaviors that keep us in this vicious cycle.

Wouldn’t you like to learn more about the reason why our lives are so unmanageableAnd that’s going to be discussed in our next post!


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