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We want to share with you a Simple & Easy – but extremely powerful TOOL.

It’s called the “What do I want to Change Today? And WHY?

We all know that we not only want to change – but for many of us – we have to change! Or the consequences of living in our old way of thinking, feeling and behaving are going to be unbearable. And there’s so much at stake, too much to lose – that I need some Tools now to CHANGE.

So here’s the Exercise:
You begin with a pen and a piece of paper – I suggest you carry this around with you in your shirt pocket so you can do the exercise every day or regularly. And you ask/write down – What do I want to CHANGE today?

Re the Change, avoid saying a feeling, instead write down a tough situation you are dealing with.

Then you write down the answer for “Why”
When writing your answer, you begin with a (-) negative reason. In other words, what negative thoughts, feelings, behavior or outcomes will occur if I stay in this situation. 

▪ Now state the (+) positive reason. In other words, what positive outcomes will result from this change.

For example, here’s a recent exercise I did:
“I want to change the way I am always distracted at work.
Why? (-) Without focus, I am not reaching my goals and then feel out of control and stressed. (+) By being more focused, I can achieve my dreams, goals and vision. And will feel much more accomplished and confident!

See how Simple & Easy that was! And took only about 2 minutes to complete. By doing this exercise, I can see in Black & White the consequences of staying the way I’ve always been. Or I can clearly see the value of making this CHANGE. Remember – In our Personal Development – IT’S ALL ABOUT CHOICES!  Please try it out yourself!

Having said this, and if you are still frustrated that you are not seeing the kind of CHANGE you desire – or you want to really go deeper and are really serious about Change, join those who have already signed up for the “4-for-4” Motivational Workshops. These men and women are joining forces because they’re ready for Change! And they’re committed to making that happen! Groups are forming right now! HOW ABOUT YOU?

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