My LUST is SPINNING out of Control!

My Lust is SPINNING out of Control! SPECIAL GUEST SHARE by Big D. I was recently on Duvid Chaim’s Big Book Study Group call.  We were discussing the Power of Triggers.  One person asked whether different triggers cause different types of reactions. I thought about this question…and I think the answer is clearly “No.” From[…]

Is it Adultery or Idolatry that’s my Problem?!

“Adultery or Idolatry – That is the Question! “You don’t want to miss this Special Presentation” “Join us Today and all week for our Launch into the Twelve Steps – Chapter 5 – How it Works” “90% of the people who attend the Twelve Steps Meetings don’t really understand the Twelve Steps!” Are you part of[…]

Parasha Chukas: But I just don’t Understand the G-d of our Understanding!

Parasha Chukas: But I just don’t Understand the G-d of our Understanding! We are are continuing our new weekly Series: “How this Parasha speaks to those who seek Recovery” זאת חקת התורה “This is THE DECREE of the Torah..” Will we ever know the Answer? Parasha Chukas has been declared The Quintessential limit of Man’s[…]

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT – Weekly Shabbos Parasha Message – This week: Beha’aloscha – What’s your favorite Whine??

Parasha Beha’aloscha: The Complainers! We are are beginning a new weekly Series – “How this Parsha addresses the Struggler” Have you ever felt like life wasn’t treating you like you deserved?  Maybe it was spouse or your boss or your so called friends – Once again LIFE has let you down and you were full[…]

Are you wearing the “New Glasses?!” – Read what a Fellow Addict Shares…

Shalom Chevra: One of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked is… “Does this Recovery Stuff really work?  Can it really change my life?” Well, you know from reviewing the 2b1 Institute Site what our belief and experience is.  So here’s a chance to read what other followers say: From: GYE Forum <> Date: May[…]

Join us for the 18th Cycle of the GYE Free Big Book Study – SA Meeting Anonymous Conference Call Starting Monday May 1st!!

This was created just for you!! Are you asking yourself any of the following questions: I’m sick and tired of feeling TRAPPED IN LUST. I’ve stopped before – had some sobriety – but always seem to fall back into it again and again. What can I do to finally STOP?! or I’ve been working on[…]