Isn’t it time to BREAK FREE? Make that Decision TODAY!

Stuck Break free from the Ball and Chain


There is hope for you!

Thank you for viewing our emails and our videos.

And please remember that Miriam and I are not doing them for us. We’re using our time and sharing our experiences and our training JUST FOR YOU!

If you’ve heard our Story, then you know what kind of HELL we’ve been through along with the lives of those we love and care about around us!

And we are determined to not let our experiences go to waste!

We have complete Emunah and belief that Hashem put us thru that awful episode in our life so we can help others … So we can bring meaning and purpose and freedom into your life and others. Because we are living testimony and proof … and we truly believe that you too can break out of the reckless and unmanageable life that you are suffering from today.

Having said this, and if you are still frustrated that you are not seeing the kind of progress you desire – or you want to really go deeper and are really serious about Change, join those who have already signed up for the “4-for-4” Motivational Workshops. These men and women are joining forces because they’re ready for Change! And they’re committed to making that happen! Groups are forming right now! HOW ABOUT YOU?

3 thoughts on “Isn’t it time to BREAK FREE? Make that Decision TODAY!

      • Thank you so much for the acknowledgement Jacob. We sincerely do it out of love.

        FYI, you can read our “Story” on the site – (See “2b1 or not 2b1, that is the question”). We realized that our marriage was at risk. So we committed to LEARNING and getting TRAINING from the best in their fields to help us individually and as a coupleship.

        And now (and have for the past decade) we are offering our Expertise TO YOU, and men and women like you.

        Would you like to talk. Let’s schedule time for a free consultation. See this link –

        I would love to discuss how we can support and train you, too.

        Looking forward
        Duvid Chaim

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