Listen now to the Recording of the R. Ben Tzion Shafier Talk – “The Gift of Desperation”

So Inspiring that I have to hear it again!

We are pleased to offer you the Recording of our

Special Guest Speaker – R. Ben Tzion Shafier

On the Guard Your Eyes Conference Call


Is your life full of Struggle and Difficulties?

And it doesn’t make a damn bit of sense to you!  What did I do to deserve this?  Where are you now G-d when I need you…can’t you give me a break???

Rabbi Shafier taught us these profound insights on the Call:

We become complacent – then we stagnate.

  • Then a difficulty arises – to challenge us

    • “We can either Transcend, Crumble – but Choose you must”

  • We see it as a Curse – but really it is a opportunity to grow

  • God orchestrates our lives so we can grow

    • Gave us TOOLS – one of them being Challenges

You can listen right now to learn much more by clicking on the following link:

R. Ben Tzion Shafier on the GYE Noon Conf Call May 24, 2018

R. Shafier is…

…known internationally for his popular website, The Shmuz and his engaging speaking style.  R. Shafier is not only a brilliant Torah Rabbi – but also very well versed in The 12 Step Program of Recovery.

With much appreciation,

Duvid Chaim & Miriam