Join us for the 18th Cycle of the GYE Free Big Book Study – SA Meeting Anonymous Conference Call Starting Monday May 1st!!

This was created just for you!!

Are you asking yourself any of the following questions:

I’m sick and tired of feeling TRAPPED IN LUST. I’ve stopped before – had some sobriety – but always seem to fall back into it again and again. What can I do to finally STOP?!
I’ve been working on my LUST – I’ve been on the Guard Your Eyes Forum – I’ve seen a therapist – I’ve gone to SA Meetings – I’ve been on the GYE Conference Calls. Why isn’t this ENOUGH?!
I’ve already worked the 12 Step Program. I think I know what it’s supposed to do for me. But it doesn’t work! This is so frustrating. This Program will never work for me! Is there any hope for me?!


Launching on Monday May 1, 2017

Join the following Conference Calls
12 Noon with Duvid Chaim and Co-Captain Yakkov New
9:30 pm
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays!
(all times are EST)

The Conference Call In Number is (641) 715-3836
Participant Access Code 637207#

For a whole bunch of useful details about the Conference Calls, please see this link:

We are going to strive to make this Cruise – Bigger and Better than ever –
with more Veterans,
more Chavrusahs,
more Sponsors and
more Guest Speakers.

We will be enriching our Recovery Program with the latest and most effective
Exercises and Life Changing Processes available.

Please JOIN us and bring your AA “Big Book” your Private Journal to take notes.
Please send an email to [email protected] to let us know you are planning to be ON BOARD.


This may be the most important decision of your life!

Having said this, and if you are still frustrated that you are not seeing the kind of progress you desire – or you want to really go deeper and are really serious about Change, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR A FREE 20 MINUTE CONSULTATION – with either Duvid Chaim or Miriam.

Or YOU CAN JOIN those who have already signed up for the “4-for-4” Motivational Workshops. These men and women are joining forces because they’re ready for Change! And they’re committed to making that happen! Groups are forming right now! HOW ABOUT YOU?