My LUST is SPINNING out of Control!

My Lust is SPINNING out of Control! SPECIAL GUEST SHARE by Big D. I was recently on Duvid Chaim’s Big Book Study Group call.  We were discussing the Power of Triggers.  One person asked whether different triggers cause different types of reactions. I thought about this question…and I think the answer is clearly “No.” From[…]

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT – Weekly Shabbos Parasha Message – This week: Beha’aloscha – What’s your favorite Whine??

Parasha Beha’aloscha: The Complainers! We are are beginning a new weekly Series – “How this Parsha addresses the Struggler” Have you ever felt like life wasn’t treating you like you deserved?  Maybe it was spouse or your boss or your so called friends – Once again LIFE has let you down and you were full[…]